Service, renovation, modernization

Following the growing expectations of today’s recipient in the conditions of limited investment funds, it is necessary to maintain key machines in good technical condition and to improve the existing production park. Adaptation of manufacturing methods and processes to quality and safety standards results in permanent technological progress, which translates into the implementation of advanced technical solutions that improve the production parameters of machines that are in good technical condition, but subject to technological aging processes.
Mechanical repairs of machines, replacement of electric and hydraulic drives, renovation of water and gas installations, modernization of control systems are among our core activities.

Modernization of production lines

The modernization of production lines and the integration of devices into production lines, the replacement of labor-intensive technological processes with automatic processes and the elimination of unnecessary handling allow for making qualitative changes and creating a friendly working environment.
Modernization of Gleason press
Modernization of a furnace with a rotary hearth

Servicing of industrial machines

We undertake general repairs of machines in the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical fields. We equip the repaired machines with modern control systems, control cabinets, production parameters control systems.
Our main field of modernization activities are heat treatment equipment, hardening presses, induction heating equipment, specialized machines, assembly lines, control stations.
We repair and modernize specialized machines. We modernize and supplement existing production lines with new components. We improve parameters, increase efficiency, eliminate particularly harmful and dangerous runs, optimize logistics, the need for tooling and auxiliary processes.
Modernization of the vacuum furnace
Modernization of the chamber furnace loader
Modernization of the induction hardening device – ELIND
The offered special machines are adapted to the needs and capabilities of production plants of various sizes.
We are your partner in the supply and modernization of equipment and entire production lines.