Individually designed special machines

Integrating different technologies

Our intellectual and production facilities together with the experience and potential of the Polcasting Group allow us to implement technically advanced projects of specialized machines that integrate many operations and technological processes within one device.
Machines replacing entire production lines and integrating various technologies of preparation, manufacturing, surface treatment, assembly and inspection allow to significantly increase efficiency and optimize the costs of production of new products. We simplify the transfer of details, standardize interfaces between machines, save space necessary for the production line, optimally select components in terms of functionality, quality production parameters and efficiency. We guarantee repeatability of results and high quality of obtained details.
Nowoczesna linia produkcyjna
Complete production line
For demanding applications, our machines combine “dirty” technologies (with waste generation – machining with chip removal), washing / degreasing / surface preparation for assembly and “clean” technologies such as automatic transfer of details, assembly, control.

Special machines

  • Prototype devices

    We offer machines according to individual designs that replace the sockets of standard machines.

  • Integration of technological processes

    We integrate various technological runs within one machine, eliminating the need for additional transfer of details.

  • Custom solutions

    We use technologies rarely found in standard solutions of machining processes - vacuum locks, gas-tight housings, protective gas technology, controlled atmospheres, closed media conditioning circuits, etc.

  • Transportation of details

    We provide systems for loading, unloading and feeding details to increase productivity / safety of machines and speed up / make cheaper in-house logistics. Our specialty are advanced conveyor systems, special loaders for various applications, multifunctional dispensers for collecting, transporting and feeding details as hoppers for machines performing successive technological operations.

  • Complete production lines

    We provide complete assembly and control sockets integrated in the production process.

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Integracja przebiegów technologicznych
The offered special machines are adapted to the needs and capabilities of production plants of various sizes.
We are your partner in the design, construction and delivery of equipment and entire production lines.